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December 8, 2020
what is kief
What is Kief What is kief? At its root, kief is an Arabic word that means “intoxication” or “pleasure”. Kief is the name that is traditionally used to describe the powder, or what most people call crystals, that covers marijuana flowers. Smoking kief directly can produce a more satisfying and intense high. Once harvested it...
Buy weed online While it’s true that we’ve seen better times lately, we still live in a world where we can get almost anything that we could possibly desire just by simply ordering it online with the press of a button and having it delivered straight to our doorsteps. Would you be surprised if I...
Weed Dispensary Near Me
Weed Dispensary near me You’ve been hearing so much about medical marijuana, legal cannabis, and dispensaries, but maybe you don’t know where to start. Try doing an online search for a ‘weed dispensary near me’ and you’d be surprised what might turn up. A couple decades ago, the idea of marijuana dispensaries and cannabis home...