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What is Hash – Hash Delivery North York

what is hash

So, you’ve been smoking weed for quite some time now, but there are other terms in the cannabis culture that you’ve heard but aren’t very familiar with. Terms like butter, wax, oils, shatter, etc. These are all derivatives of cannabis, and all provide different experiences. For this article, I’m going to go over the basics of hash.

What Is Hash?

Hash is one of my personal favorite ways to ingest weed. Hash is made up of the trichomes, which are the crystals that cover the buds. By using specific methods, you can extract and prepare your very own hash. It can be relatively easy to make to incredibly difficult depending on the level of involvement, the experience you have with extracting it, and the equipment and tools you have at your disposal.

Where does it originally come from?

The word “hashish” originally stems from the Arabic language, roughly translating to the word “grass.” Experts speculate that the popularization of hash started sometime during 900 AD, although some other experts will argue methods such as charas, or the harvesting of resin from the hands of marijuana farmers, are believed to have happened well before anyone started documenting the actions and accounts of the process.

Dry sift

This method is exactly what you think it is. By shuffling cannabis buds in a structure with a screen at the bottom, you can sift the trichomes onto a table for harvest, just like you would powder a desert with a sugar sifter.

Ice water (bubble) hash

This method is a bit more in-depth and requires equipment to harvest. Based on the concept of water extraction methods, this started as an early precursor for what we now refer to as ice water or bubble hash.

What is Hash (closing thoughts)

Hash may be consumed a few different ways. Normally it’s consumed either as a solid or infused into a tea or other beverage such as the traditional Indian drink called ‘bhang’. Some users prefer just to smoke it. As an alternative to smoking it, it can also be vaporized on a hot surface, which is known as dabbing. To get started with smoking you hash (after you visit your local weed dispensary and obtain it of course) you will need some sort of smoking instruments like a dab rig or a pipe.

Keep in mind that hash is stronger than weed and the potency can range from low 40% to over 80%.

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