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What Is Indica

Medical cannabis can be administered
What is Indica

What is your Indica knowledge?

All you need to know about Indica for your next weed delivery

What Is Indica?

A Little Weed History

Discovered by famed French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785, Indica is an annual plant of the Cannabaceae family. Upon discovery of the famous cannabis plant, it was quickly revealed that its mind altering high was something that the European Hemp did not possess. As you can surely imagine, Indica weed soon became a European favorite.

Effects of Indica

Compared to Sativa, Indica, on average, tends to be more potent.  The plant tends to produce higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and lower levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) than its Sativa counterpart. It’s because of these higher levels of THC that Indica users tend to experience a more psychoactive and sometimes hallucinogenic experience.

Indica strains are found to provide a relaxing sense of tranquility and are often used to relieve stress.  They also possess a numbing effect that is used today as a pain reliever for many people.  It’s suggested to use this particular cannabis strain if you are looking for that good “body buzz” effect over a more stimulating effect found in Sativa strains. 

Nausea is a non-specific symptom, which means that it has many possible causes. Some common causes of nausea are gastroenteritis and other gastrointestinal disorders, food poisoning, motion sickness, dizziness, migraine, fainting and low blood sugar. Nausea is a side effect of many medications including chemotherapy, or morning sickness in early pregnancy. Nausea may also be caused by disgust and depression.

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