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weed delivery richmond hill

Weed Delivery Richmond Hill – Have you ever heard of “mowing the grass”, “getting the wind,” “smoking trees,” “chasing,” or even “going loco.”?

If you’ve read anything about cannabis, whether it be on social media, online, at the dentist’s office, or even heard something from a friend of a friend you have either seen or heard the words pot, weed, or marijuana. Maybe some people are a little savvier and recognize the terms Sativa or Indica.

Now Get Weed Delivery in Richmond Hill

Truth is, if you’re in Richmond Hill, and you need a weed delivery, you can call it by whatever you want. Typically, though, weed will do just fine, but this brings me to a fun fact. Did you know that cannabis itself has over 200 slang terms out there on street? Crazy right? How many things out there have over 200 nicknames that are generally understood on a global scale? Maybe more than what you or I may know, but as of today, I know of one.

It’s true, as it turns out that there are well over 200 street names, nicknames, or some sort of other slang variation of the word that everyone recognizes as cannabis. Even the word “marijuana” is a relatively newer term for the plant in a historical sense, seeing as how most Americans adopted the term sometime back in the 1930s when the first director of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry Anslinger, began his fear-mongering campaign to group cannabis and immigrant Mexicans together. As troubling times as they were, in the following years the plant has also donned many other titles, such as grass, weed, pot, bud, nug, nugget, tree, herb, green, etc. While these terms are a bit more common, and if you find yourself needing a weed delivery in Richmond Hill, slinging out any of these slang terms will surely let the other party know what you’re looking for, some nicknames aren’t so well known.

One example is “dinkie dow cigarette.” Which was coined by American GIs during the Vietnam war. Where did they get this term from? It actually borrows the Vietnamese phrase for “crazy” to ask for a bit of wacky weed, so essentially, they were asking for a crazy cigarette.

If you found yourself in Great Britain jonesing for a joint, you might consider asking for a “gasper stick.” Meanwhile, in Latin America, asking “caracas” will get you some very low-grade dirt weed. Don’t worry though, none of the dispensaries in Richmond Hill carry dirt weed. Only the best and finest weed delivery around these parts.

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