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What is Kief – Weed Delivery News

What is Kief

What is kief? At its root, kief is an Arabic word that means “intoxication” or “pleasure”. Kief is the name that is traditionally used to describe the powder, or what most people call crystals, that covers marijuana flowers. Smoking kief directly can produce a more satisfying and intense high. Once harvested it has a consistency similar to that somewhere between moon-sand and brown sugar. Kief or sometimes keef is a very highly concentrated form of cannabis that gathers the most potent part of the cannabis buds and it generally has a light green color to it. The further you refine it, the lighter it normally becomes, making it much finer and purer.

Know your tolerance

Because kief itself is much a much stronger dose of cannabinoids than what you get with a normal cannabis flower, it’s a fantastic idea if you’re looking to increase your cannabinoid intake or just want to try a new way of ingesting weed. As mentioned, the purer the kief is usually means the high is more intense and oftentimes a little easier on the throat. The green matter that’s left in unrefined kief help maintain flavors of the bud but offers a little bit of throat burn in comparison.

What is Kief ….HEAVEN

Weed connoisseurs oftentimes love kief because of its powerful potency that often tests at over 50 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which when you think about it is a rather sizeable jump up from the average levels of a marijuana flower which has a THC of around 12-25 percent.

Certain strains are much better for obtaining kief, but it is easy to collect and even easier to use. It doesn’t require any over the top contraptions of expensive extraction equipment like some other volatile concentrate or something, so it’s easy and safe to collect it yourself in the privacy of your home. A few tips to the beginner who attempts this, the colder the room the better. Just like when you extract kief from your grinder, it’s best to place it in the freezer for a while first. Afterward, it comes right out. Another tip, make sure to always clean and sanitize your working area before starting, especially when working in large quantities.

So, one last time, what is kief? It’s the next cannabis product you’re going to try from your local weed dispensary if you haven’t already! Although, chances are if your grinder has a kief collector, you already sampled the ambrosia of the cannabis world.

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