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Weed Extracts

Medical cannabis can be administered

Weed Extracts

What are weed extracts and how do I use them?

What Are Extracts?

Extracts (also known as concentrates) are basically an umbrella category for a wide variety of products that are produced from extracting and concentrating elements from the cannabis flower.  These concentrates are then made into liquids or solids such as hash, shatter, cannabis oils  or vaping liquids to be inhaled or eaten. It’s important to remember that since cannabis extracts are concentrated, they can often be far more potent.  Be sure to consult your Weed Delivery service about potencies.

What Makes Cannabis Extracts Special?

The main difference between extracts and other forms of cannabis is that they potentially contain a much higher concentrations of cannabinoids than the unprocessed cannabis plant. In fact, concentrates can often have up to 90% THC, while the dried cannabis flower typically only possesses between 1% to 30% THC. So if you’re looking for a very different type of high, You may want to give extracts a go.


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